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HISTORY - The Genuine Brooklyn Eggcream.
This drink once concocted by Brooklyn candy store owners (old time candy stores all used to have fountains for mixing eggcreams, malteds, lime rickies, black & white sodas etc. ) used to contain both eggs and cream to fatten up skinny Brooklyn immigrant kids from Europe at the turn of the last century; however, today, this classic recipe contains neither. Even without these fattening, high cholesterol ingredients, if you follow the directions below in exactly the same way as I learned them from my revered teacher, Sol, who used to make the very best Genuine Brooklyn Eggcreams, you will experience a libation the likes of which will send you craving for seconds. Unfortunately, I cannot be responsible for any weight gain associated with multiple gulpings of this Nectar of the Flatbush Gods.

This recipe is, indeed, secret because even after knowing all the right ingredients in the right proportions, if you do not mix and serve them exactly as I will indicate, you will not enjoy the maximum pleasure derived from its precise execution. After you learn the secret and have mastered the technique, you have my blessing to freely share this new delectation formula with your friends and family and legitimately claim to know an authentic Brooklynite who personally taught you, first hand, how to make a Genuine Brooklyn Eggcream.


  • Enough whole milk (not skimmed or fat free - sorry dieters) to fill the bottom of an 8 oz.Coke glass before it flares out. FIRST SECRET: milk must be in the freezer until it is "chippy" cold; not frozen, but cold enough to have chips of frozen milk floating. (This gives the eggcream its creaminess).
  • Chocolate Syrup: Popular wisdom has always suggested Foxis U-Bet brand syrup as the best, but Bell brand or any comparable fully sweet chocolate syrup will do (caveat: Hersheyis semi-sweet will not do ! ). Two full squeezes from a fountain pump (about 3 to 4 generous tablespoons should do nicely).
  • Seltzer water: The best kind is from a well charged fountain or a seltzer bottle with a siphon, but in a pinch ice cold, pure seltzer water from a bottle may be used; (not carbonated water or mineral water with added salts etc.) just enough to fill the Coke glass ( never use a paper or plastic cup for the genuine experience.)
  • A Mixing Spoon: A metal fountain spoon about ten inches long.


  1. Place the Coke glass on a faded pink or green formica counter in front of pretzel rods in a canister in a candy store under an El run by a cigar chomping proprietor named Sol, Irv, Nate, or Joey. (only kidding - nostalgia overwhelmed me in a moment of abandon - any flat surface will do.)
  2. Gently pump or spoon in the chocolate syrup (be careful not to run any on the sides of the glass. If this should happen immediately abort the attempt and try again; weire all about perfection! )
  3. Remove the milk container from the freezer and fill up the bottom unflared section of the Coke glass with the chippy cold milk.
  4. THIS STEP IS CRUCIAL TO THE SUCCESS OF YOUR GENUINE BROOKLYN EGG CREAM. While someone else is briskly pouring in the seltzer (Advanced technicians may be able to pour and mix simultaneously; but this is certainly beyond the skills of neophytes.) gently bounce the spoon up & down thereby mixing the syrup and the seltzer on the bottom of the glass; the milk above it will elegantly & independently rise in a pristine white froth to the top. DO NOT STIR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! this will cause the milk to join the other ingredients and all you will have to show for your efforts is a pathetic chocolate soda with milk. Pffeh ! If using a fountain, advanced technicians may add a quick back hand of CO2 to add a zetz to the gassy seltzer. ( Note: Never top your eggcream with whipped cream - a detestably insensitive aberration from the New Jersey shores showing a complete disregard for tradition and taste - But donit get me started!)

A Genuine Brooklyn Eggcream is a cold, sweet, dark chocolatey drink with a creamy white head. This is your ultimate goal. Practice, practice, practice, and serve it with a thick, crisp, pretzel rod if you can. Good luck & may the muses of Brooklyn be with you and your dear ones. I sincerely hope each one of you enjoys your Genuine Brooklyn Eggcream in good health for 120 years!