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The Jewish Music of Michael N. Isaacson

Sheet music in PDF format is available for all recordings.
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TMPTranscontinental Music Publications, 633 3rd Ave. N.Y., N.Y. 10017-6778 (800) 455-5223
OySongs.comA music downloading site, Joel Eglash, Manager
ECMEggcream Music, 4841 Alonzo Ave., Encino, CA. 91316 (818) 343-6450
ALRYALRY Publications, P.O. Box 36542, Charlotte, North Carolina 28236
M70Music 70, 170 N.E. 33rd St. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., 33334
LGLawson Gould Music Publishers, 250 W 57th New York, N.Y. 10107
SMSouthern Music Publications, San Antonio, Texas 78292
VIVVivace Press, P.O. Box 157, Readfield, Wisconsin, 54969
TARATara Music -Mayer Pasternak, 8 Music Fair Road, Owings Mills, MD. 21117
LRNLaurendale Associates, 15035, Wyandotte St., Van Nuys, CA. 91405-1746

Shabbat Services
Avodat AmamitFolk service for voice & classical Guitar (w/ chord symbols)TCL
Hegyon LIbiSolo voice, 2 part choir, organ & string quartetTCL
L'Maaseih V'reisheetCantor, children's chorus accomp. by orch. synthesis on CD.ECM
Nishmat ChayimSolo voice, 2 part choir, organ & woodwind quintetTCL
Shir AriSolo voice, 2 part choir, organ & chamber orch.(w/ keyboard reduction)TCL
Torah ServiceFor cantor, SATB choir & OrganECM
Havdalah SuiteFor cantor, congregation, acc. By flute, harp and cello.ECM

Children's Music
Ahavat YisraelCantor, 2 part treble choir w/ keyboard accomp.TCL
Cradle of FireArrangements of Holocaust songs for children's choir and keyboard.TCL
Hope For The FutureA cantata introducing the ProphetsECM
Shirei AvotA children's cantata based on Pirkei Avot (Ethics of Our Ancestors)TCL

Holiday Oratorios & Cantatas
A Covenant of WondersThe giving and receiving of the Ten CommandmentsECM
For Everything There is A SeasonA cantata for str. quintet, fl., harp & voicesECM
Guardians of the Heart, Keepers of the DreamA cantata for voice & inst.ECM
HallelChoral settings of Psalms 113 through 118 for SATB ChorusECM
Kol T'ruahA shofar service for cantor, SATB choir, organ, & brass quintetTCL
Light For The Heart's Dark PlacesS'lichot meditation for narr, voice & accomp.ECM
Shir Chadash Haggadah36 new musical settings of seder texts for group singing.ECM
S'lichotFull service for cantor, SATB choir, and chamber orchestra.ECM
To Celebrate A Miracle: Images of JerusalemHadassah/3000th Ann. Jerusalem.ECM

Life Cycle Music & Collections
The Michael Isaacson Songbook Vol. I50 liturgical, lifecycle, & educational songs.TMP
The Michael Isaacson Songbook Vol. II50 more songs w/guitar, keybd accomp. & CD.TMP
Seasons in Time Book IBaby Naming, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, & Wedding music.TMP
Seasons in Time Book IIDuets for life cycle & holidaysTMP
Seasons in Time Book IIIYizkor and memorial service musicTMP
A Good YearJewish Holiday songs for Unison SingingECM
The Michael Isaacson Folk Music Choral SeriesOver twenty choral arrangements of Yiddish, Ladino, Hassidic & Israeli folk songs with original language and new English adaptations by Michael Isaacson.TMP

Wedding Services
Kol SasonFor voice, organ or harp, recorder, viola, and light percussion 15'30"TCL
Kol SimchaFor Voice, flute, clarinet, harp & celloECM
Jewish Wedding Suite, AFolk song arrangements for flute, violin & celloALRY

Acharei Motifrom Seasons in Time Book IIITCL
Adon Olamfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Adon Olamfrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Adon Olamfrom To Recreate the WorldECM
Adonai, Adonaifrom S'lichotECM
Adonai Mah Adamfrom Seasons in Time Book IIITCL
Adorationfrom Avodat AmamitTCL
Adorationfrom Hegyon LibiTCL
Ahavat YisraelTwo part treble Yom Ha-atsmaut song; Lyric by Ofra DorTCL
Ahavat Olamfrom Shir AriTCL
Ahavat Olamfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Ahavti Ki YishmaSong setting from HallelTCL
Aleinufrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Aleinufrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Aleinufrom Shir AriTCL
Aliyotfrom The Shul in My Right Mind for Bb Clarinet and String QuartetECM
Al HanissimChanukah round from Seasons in Time IITCL
AliyahQuintet for for Bb Clarinet and String Quartet (also available for String OrchestraECM
Al Tistakeil B'kankanfrom Shirei AvotTCL
Ana Adonai Hoshiah Nafrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Ani Chinor L'ShirayichA wedding song for high voice and harpTCL
Ani MaaminArrangement of Holocaust song from Cradle Of fireTCL
Asei L'cha Ravfrom Pirkei AvotECM
Ashirah, Yaazam'rah(I'll Sing with all my Soul) solo & SATB versions of a midrashic sayingECM
AshreinuHigh holiday congregational setting with keyboard accompanimentTCL
Aspects of a Great MiracleA suite of 4 Chanukah songs acc. by brass & perc.ECM
Avadim Hayinufrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Avinu MalkenuSATB & Cantor High Holy Day settingTCL
Avinu Malkenu Organ Prelude ECM
Avodat AmamitShabbat service for classical guitar and voiceECM
Babi YarFlute solo for Laura Sperling recorded on Water MusicALRY
Bar'chufrom Avodat AmamitTCL
Bar'chufrom Hegyon LibiTCL
Bar'chufrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Bar'chufrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Bar'chufrom Shir AriTCL
Baruch Habafrom Kol Sason Wedding ServiceTCL
Baruch Habafrom Kol Simcha Wedding ServiceECM
Bayom Hahufrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Bayom Hahufrom Shir AriTCL
Baruch She-amarfor solo voice, with guitar or piano accompanimentECM
B'derech ChawchmaOboe & Baritone duet For Rabbi Allen FreehlingECM
Benedictionfrom Kol SasonTCL
Benedictionfrom Kol SimchaECM
Benediction (Blessing of the Children)from L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Benedictionfrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Benedictionfrom Shir AriTCL
Birchot Erusinfrom Kol SasonTCL
Birchot Erusinfrom Kol SimchaECM
Birth Is A BeginningSATB, Cantor, Strings, Harp & FluteECM
Bitifrom Seasons In Time Book ITCL
Blessed Be He That Cometh ECM
Blessing of the Omerfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
B'makomfrom Avodat Amamit and Shirei AvotTCL
B'nifrom Seasons In Time Book ITCL
B'or PanayichA Wedding Song for Baritone & keyboardECM
B'ruchim Atemfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Candlelightingfrom Hegyon LibiTCL
Candlelighting (To Recreate The World)from L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Candlelightingfrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Candlelightingfrom Shir AriTCL
Cantillations ECM
Celebrate a Miracle, ToA cantata for SATB Chorus, Sop, Bar. & CD Acc.ECM
Chad Gadyafrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Chanukah Candlelighting ECM
Chanukah Dreidle , Afor talking SATB chorus w/ percussion accomp.TCL
Chanukah SongSATB with keyboard accompanimentECM
Chatsi Kaddishfrom Nishmat ChayimTCL
Chazak V'ematsSoprano and organ, for the installation of Cantor Patti Linsky RubinECM
Chiri BimSAT arrangement of folk song in English adaptationECM
ChronologyElectronic production version of Fanfare and BeliefECM
CirclesA Wedding song, lyric: Marcia Hain Engle, with alternate instrumental processionalECM
Cradle of FireHolocaust Songs arranged for Children's ChoirECM
Days Are Comingfrom Hope for The FutureECM
Dodi LiSteve Sher SATB arrangement, English adaptation by M.I.TMP
DreamchantChamber music based on cantillationTMP
Early Will I Seek YouHigh Holiday English congregational setting with keybd. acc.TCL
Echad Mi Yodeiafrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Eeseh NiflaotSong for Baritone & Keyboard adapted from Exodus 34:10ECM
Eight Duos Of Chanukahsong settings for treble instrumentsALRY
Eil Malei Rachamimfrom Seasons In Time, Book IIITCL
Eilu D'varimfrom Guardians of the HeartECM
Eishet ChayilA Woman of Valor, for soloist, SATB and keyboardTCL
Eits Chayimfrom The Torah ServiceECM
Eitz ChayimCantor and SA ChoirTMP
Eitz Chayim(Begins with Ki Lekach Tov) - Cantor and SATB ChoirECM
Eizeh Hi Derechfrom "For Everything..." Unison Chorus, Cantor, Flute & HarpECM
El Ginot EgozSymphonic orchestrationECM
Eli EliSymphonic OrchestrationECM
Elegy ECM
Eliyahu Hanavifrom Havdalah Suite for cantor, cong. flute, cello & harp.ECM
Emunah NigunFor solo voice and keyboard or guitar accompaniment.ECM
Encino FrailichBb clarinet and piano accompaniment.ECM
Enoshfrom Seasons in Time Book IIITCL
Enosh Kchatsir Yamov TCL
Enough!(Dayeinu obbligato) - from Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Erev Ba (Evening Comes)English/Hebrew adaptation for SATB & keybd.TCL
Esah EinaiHebrew setting of Psalm 121 with keyboard accompaniment.ECM
Esther The Queenfrom Seasons In Time, Book IITCL
Even If For Just One DayA Chanukah song for solo and SATB choir, lyric by M.I.ECM
Evening PrayerEnglish setting of HashkiveinuTCL
Ezk'rahSukkot 1994 "In memory of my Mother" String orch. & solo violinECM
Father's Words (A)from Shir AriTCL
Five AngelsA Harp duet with narration based on Kriat Sh'ma al Hamitah.ECM
For Everything There is A SeasonSATB, Strings,ECM
Four Different Childrenfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Fragrant Spicesfrom Havdalah Suite. Poem by Rabbi Stephen PearceECM
Gratitude & PraiseA Festival Prelude for Pipe OrganVIV
Grateful For The Moment (Shehechiyanu)Solo and SATBECM
Greetings of Welcome & Peace (Heveinu Shalom Aleichem)SATBTCL
Guardians of the Heart ECM
Hamavdilfrom Havdalah Suite for cantor, cong. Flute, cello & harp.ECM
Ha Lachmafrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Hallelyuah(Kol Han'shama T'hallel Yah) for Women's ChorusECM
Hallelyuahfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Hand in HandAn english, choral & solo adapt. of Shir L'shalom (Rabin's last song)TCL
Hafawch Bafrom Shirei AvotECM
Hashkivenufrom Shir AriTCL
Hashkiveinufrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
HatikvaArrangement for stringsTCL
Havdalahfrom Havdalah Suite for cantor, cong. Flute, cello & harp.ECM
Hayom Katseirfrom Shirei AvotTCL
Hazor'im B'dimah (Psalm 118:24)for solo voice, choir and keyboardECM
Hegyon LibiMeditation from Hegyon Libi A Sabbath service for string quartetECM
Heiveinu Shalom AleichemA Song of Welcome for Solo and SAT choirECM
Hevei Mitalmidavfrom Shirei AvotECM
Hin'niEnglish Setting For Unaccompanied CantorECM
Hinei Mah TovAccompanied treble two part choralTCL
Hinei Mah TovHassidic arrangement from Regeneration RecordingECM
His Love Endures ForeverHallel setting from Seasons in Time Book IITMP
Hope, TheEnglish adaptation of Hatikvah by Marcia Hain Engle for solo voiceTMP
Hope for the FutureCantataECM
HoraSymphonic OrchestrationECM
How Can I Singfrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
How Shall I Stand Before Godfrom Hope for the FutureTMP
If the Walls of Jerusalem Could Talkfor SATB & Sop & Bar SoloistsTMP
I Have Taken An OathHigh Holy Day settingTMP
Im Ein Ani Li Mi LifolksongECM
Im Ein Torahfrom Shirei AvotTMP
In Every Generationfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
In Every Generation (L'chol Dor Vador)from Renewal Suite for SATB & CantorECM
In The Eyes Of GodEnglish setting of Sh'neihemTMP
In the Shelter of the SkyA Sukkot song, lyric by Marcia Hain EngleECM
Isaacson's NigunChamber MusicECM
Israeli TrioChamber musicECM
Jerusalem MedleyConcert Medley for ShowbandECM
Jewish Folk Song SuiteFor Flute choirALRY
Jewish Musical CalendarA Suite of Holiday songs for elementary pianoECM
Jewish Wedding Suite, AFor flute, violin & celloALRY
Kaddishfor the High Holy DaysTMP
Kaddish U'r'chatzfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Kama Ma'alotA Passover RoundECM
K'doshim Tih'yuFor voice accompanied by cello, flute, & harpTMP
K'doshim Tih'yufrom Guardians of the HeartECM
K'dusha for MusafMedium Cantor and 3 part a cappella chorus Comm. By CAECM
K'eits Shatul ECM
Kiddushfrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Kiddushfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Ki L'olam Chasdofrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Ki Lo Naehfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Kol Hamoridfrom Guardians of the HeartECM
Kol NidreInstrumental recording "Heritage"ECM
Kol SasonWedding Service in Elizabethan styleECM
Kol SimchaWedding ServiceECM
Kol T'ruahShofar ServiceECM
Koreichfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
K'racheim AvSATB & cantor High Holy Day settingTMP
Kedushafor cantor, SSA choir, organ, harp & string QuartetECM
L'cha Adonai Hatsdakahfrom S'lichotECM
L'cha Dodifrom Avodat AmamitTMP
L'cha Dodifrom Hegyon LibiTMP
L'cha Dodifrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
L'cha Dodifrom Shir AriTMP
L'chaw DodiReb Nachman's version, SATB arrangement by M.I.TMP
L'chi LachArrangement of a Jewish Folk SongECM
L'chu N'ran'nahfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
L' chu N'ran'nahfrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
L'chu N'ran'nahfrom Shir AriTMP
L'dor Vadorfrom Seasons In Time Book ITMP
L'Maaseih V'reisheetLeil Shabbat service for Cantor, unison choir & CD RomECM
Ladino MedleyConcert Medley for ShowbandECM
Ladino Candlelighting(After a melodic fragment by Flory Jagoda)ECM
Laining ECM
Last Letter of Mordechai Anielewicz, TheDramatic setting, tenor & piano q'tetECM
Legend of Zants, TheA Hassidic parable set for mezzo sop., harp, sop. sax & perc.ECM
Letter of a Soviet Refusenik, TheDramatic setting, tenor & piano quartetECM
LightA Song For Chanukah. Lyric by Jeff RakeECM
Light For The Hearts Dark PlacesPre-S'lichot ServiceECM
Light The LegendAn SATB Chanukah settingTMP
Listen to My Heart's Song(Lishmoa El Harinah) from S'lichotECM
Love of CountryProduction music arrangements for Museum of Jewish HeritageECM
Lulav Song, Thefrom A Good YearECM
Lulei He'emanti, A song of hopefor baritone voice and keyboardECM
Ma Gadlufrom Avodat AmamitTMP
Make Me A Sanctuaryfrom Renewal Suite - SATBECM
Ma Nishtanahfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Ma Tovufor SATB choir (published by New Horizon now distributed by TMP)TMP
Ma Yafeh HayomPrelude for flute, piano and celloECM
Mamaloshen Choral SuiteS.A.T.B. with orchestral accompanimentECM
Marvelous in Our Eyes(Psalm 118) for solo voice, SATB Choir, w/keyboard accomp.ECM
May The Wordsfrom Shir AriTMP
Mi Shebeirach TMP
Mi Chamochafrom Avodat AmamitTMP
Mi Chamochafrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Mi Chamochafrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Mi Chamochafrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Mi Chamochafrom Shir AriTMP
Mishpachtifrom Seasons In Time Book ITMP
Modim Anachnu Lach ECM
More Than EnoughA Chanukah song, lyric by Doug ThieleECM
My Dear and Treasured ChildA Baby Naming Song, lyric by Marcia Hain EngleECM
Naanuimfrom The Shul in My Right Mind for Bb Clarinet and String QuartetECM
N'shama Shenatata Bifrom Seasons In Time Book ITMP
New Moon, AEnglish adaptation of Birchat HachodeshECM
New Way Of Feeling, AA Jewish response song to disabilitiesECM
Nex Year in Jerusalemfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Nirtzafrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
NiggunFor Piccolo (or flute) and pianoALRY
Nishmat ChayimWoodwind Quintet ServiceECM
Ocho CandelikasSATB choral arr. and Eng. adaptation of Flori Jagoda's Sephardic Hanukah SongECM
Od Y'nuvun (Even In Old Age)Psalm 92, solo setting for high voice and pianoECM
Or ZaruaA High Holy Day setting for Cantor(high), SATB & KeyboardTMP
Oseh Shalomfrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Our Eternal RefugeCantor & SATB Psalm 90, Gates of Repentence YizkorECM
Our Father Our KingSATB English adaptation of Avinu MalkeinuTMP
Our Song of SongsA Wedding song w/lyric by Marcia Hain EngleECM
Our Song Was Meant to BeEnglish adapt. of Bayom Hahu. Lyric By Doug ThieleTMP
Perhapsfrom S'lichotECM
Pesach, Matzah, Umarorfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Pitchu Li(from Hallel) for soloist, and choir with keyboard accompanimentECM
Postludefrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Preludefrom Shir AriTMP
Priestly Benediction fromShir AriTMP
Priestly Benedictionfrom L'maaseih V'reisheetECM
Promise of TimeLyric D. Thiele, "For Everything There Is A Season" pno, strgsECM
Prophet Song, Thefrom Hope For The FutureTMP
Psalm 23solo from Seasons In Time Book IIITMP
Psalm 27 ECM
Psalm 30 M70
Psalm 48from To Celebrate a MiracleECM
Psalm 90from Guardians of the HeartECM
Psalm 113 - 118from An American Hallel for SATB ChorusECM
Psalm 121 ECM
Psalm 130SATB a capella in EnglishECM
Psalm 145from S'lichotECM
Psalm 150in English, SATB & keyboard accompanimentECM
Psalm 150Transcription of SATB setting for Brass QuintetECM
Psalms For A Leaderfor cantor, men's & children's chorus with brass & perc.ECM
R'tseifrom Shir AriTMP
R'tseifrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Rabbi Ben EzraAn orchestral setting of Browning's poem for BaritoneECM
Racism ECM
Recreating the World (Candlighting)Lyric D. Thiele; from L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
RegenerationThe AlbumECM
Reb Steve's Niggun ECM
Remembrance / Heritage WaltzFor Solo violin and String OrchestraECM
Rhythm of the Lights Symphonic Fantasia of Chanukah songsfor chorus & OrchestraECM
Sacred Firefrom Havdalah Suite poem by Rabbi Stephen PearceECM
S'i Na EinaichLech L'cha Midrash song English, lyric by Marcia Hain EngleECM
S'brentfrom Cradle of FireTMP
Shehechiyanu (Grateful For The Moment)Solo and SATBECM
Sha ShtilSATB Choral arrangement and adaptation of Yiddish Folk SongECM
S'Lichot ECM
S'Sh'ArimFrom the album RegenerationECM
S'u Sh'ArimFrom the album RegenerationECM
S'u Sh'arimfrom The Torah ServiceECM
S'u Sh'arimHigh Holiday version for SATBECM
Sh'mafrom Avodat AmamitTMP
Sh'mafrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Sh'mafrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Sh'mafrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Sh'mafrom Shir AriTMP
Sh'ma Koleinufrom S'lichotECM
Sh'ma KoleinuCantor & congregational refrainECM
Sh'ma-L'chafrom Guardians of The HeartECM
Sh'neyhemA Wedding Song, from Avodat AmamitTMP
SachakiMusical Tribute to the Brandeis-Bardin InstituteECM
Sarah's Sons & Abraham's Daughterslyric by D. Thiele, from L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Seder SongsPassover SATB choral arrangements with new English lyricsTMP
Shabbat Shalom TMP
Shabbat HamalkahA Folk Song arrangementTMP
Shabbat ShalomA Prelude for Clarinet and Woodwind QuartetECM
Shabbat Sim Shalom TMP
Shalom Aleichemfrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Shalom Aleichemfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Shalom Ravfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Shalom Ravfrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Shalom Ravfrom Shir AriTMP
Sheneemarfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Sheva B'rachotfrom Kol SasonTMP
Sheva B'rachotfrom Kol SimchaECM
Sheva B'rachotIn folk style with cl. or fl. and keybd. accomp.TMP
Shir AriServiceTMP
Shir Lashalomfor SATBTMP
Shirei AvotmovementsTMP
Shiru L'AdonaiLarge choral concert setting with orchestration availableECM
Shtiler, Shtilerfrom Cradle of FireTMP
Shalom Ravfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Shalom Ravfrom Shir AriTMP
Shofrotfrom The Shul in My Right Mind for Bb Clarinet and String QuartetECM
Shul in My Right Mind, Thefor Bb Cl. adn String Quartet 1. Shofrot 2. Naanim 3. AliyotECM
Sim Shalomfor cantor & SATB choirTMP
Sim ShalomGuardians of the Heart from Guardians of the HeartECM
Sim Shalomfrom RegenerationECM
Siman Tov Umazel Tovsolo version and SATB with piano accompanimentECM
Sing a Song of ChanukahLyric S. Nurenberg, SATBTMP
Shishim VariationsFor String QuartetECM
Shivitifrom Seasons in Time Book IIITMP
Sh'ma KoleinuHigh Holiday congregational setting, low voice & keyboardECM
Slichotfor String QuartetECM
Something is Very Gentlyfrom S'lichotECM
Some Things Are Lastingfrom Chanukah (The Musical)ECM
Sukkot ECM
Sweet Vapors Ascendfrom Havdalah Suite. Poem by Rabbi Stephen PearceECM
Tavoh Ashamnufrom S'lichotECM
Tavohfor baritone and SATB choir and keyboardECM
Tel AvivLyric by Theodore Bikel, Israel Pops Tour 1990ECM
Thanks ECM
There is A Timefrom Hope for the FutureECM
There are StarsSolo & SATB adapted by M.I. from a poem by Hannah SeneshECM
This Quiet DustA Yizkor Meditation, high & medium voice & Keyboard or HarpECM
This is The Day(Zeh Hayom) For two sopranos accompanied by HarpECM
Three Torah Responsesfrom Torah ServiceECM
Through These Windowssolo & choral from To Celebrate A MiracleECM
Tik'u Bachodesh ShofarCantor, 2 part choir, keyboardTMP
Tov L'hodotfrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Tree of Life NigunFor solo voice and keyboard or guitar accompanimentECM
Tsafunfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Two Pieces for the High Holidays(Ut'shuvah & Lish'moah El Harinah)ECM
Ut'shuvahHigh Holiday Cantor and SATB settingECM
V'achainu, V'savanufrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
V'ahavtafrom Avodat AmamitTMP
V'atem HadveikimTorah Processional AnthemECM
V'ayrastich Lifrom Seasons In Time Book IITMP
V'heishiv Lev Avotfrom Seasons In Time Book IITMP
V'higad'ta L'vinchaSeder song for UAHC Open Door HaggadahECM
V'hi Sheamdahfrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
V'li-Rushalayim IrchaOrchestration from EllsteinECM
V'neemarfrom Shir AriTMP
V'sham'rufrom Avodat AmamitTMP
V'sham'rufrom Hegyon LibiTMP
V'sham'rufrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
V'sham'rufrom Shir AriTMP
V'sham'rufrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
V'Yotzieinufrom Shir Chadash HaggadahECM
Variations on "I Have a Little Dreidle"for Flute ChoirALRY
Vay'chulufrom L'Maaseih V'reisheetECM
Voyage of the St. LouisScore to Museum of Jewish Heritage exhibition filmECM
We Are MaccabeesFrom the 1996 & 1997 Maccabee Games Opening CeremoniesECM
We Remember Themfrom Renewal Suite for cantor and SATB ChoirECM
Wedding processional(Circles) for violin, flute and harpECM
Wedding ProcessionalFrom Kol Sason, Elizabethan instrumentationTMP
Wedding Processionalfrom Kol SimchaECM
Wedding RecessionalFrom Kol Sason; Elizabethan instrumentationTMP
Wedding Recessionalfrom Kol SimchaECM
Welcoming Our Daughters(Hannah's Song seague to This Is The Day)ECM
When Children Sing To God2 part, accomp. treble choir, lyric by Doug ThieleTMP
WorthyChildren's song, an adaptation of Eilu D'varimECM
Y'hi Ch'vodfrom For Everything There is a Season and Shirei AvotTMP
Yaaleh V'yavohfrom Seasons in Time Book IITMP
Yah Ribon TMP
Yigdalfrom Shir AriTMP
Yih'yu L'ratsonfrom Hegyon LibiTMP
Yism'chufrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
Yizkor Meditations TMP
Yizkor Organ Preludefrom Seasons In Time Book IIITMP
Yih'yeh B'sederA children's goodnight song, lyric by Sam KuninECM
Yom Zeh L'Yisraelfrom Nishmat ChayimTMP
You May LaughSA arrangement of Sachki in English adaptationECM
Your Jerusalem3000th anniversary song, 2 part w/accomp. in englishTMP
Yum Ba Bim Bim Bum ECM
Yum Bum Bidi Bidi BumSATB warm-upTMP
Z'mirot ECM
Zog Nit Kein Molfrom "Cradle of Fire", 2 part arr. for treble chorus w/ accomp.TMP

The Music Of Salomone Rossi, Arranged By Michael N. Isaacson
Blessed Be He Who ComethBaruch Haba B'sheim AdonaiM70
Shir Hama'alot, Psalm 126Choral SettingsLG
Rossi Suite for Brass Quintet(Hashkiveinu, Psalm 121, Kaddish)SM
Rossi Suite for Flute Choir ALRY
Rossi Suite for String Orchestra(Psalm 8, Kaddish, & Psalm 121)ECM
Rossi Suite For Clarinet Quintet(Elohim Hashiveinu, Psalm 146, Keter)ALRY

The Michael Isaacson Jewish Folk Music Choral Series - TMP
(English Adaptations and Arrangements)
Adio KeridaSephardic song, SATB
A La UnaSephardic song
Avre Tu Puerta SerradaSephardic song
Crossing the Narrow Bridge(Kol Haolam Kulo Gesher Tzar M'od)
Dodi LiSteve Sher (Eng. Adapt by M.I.)
Erev BaWedding song
L'chaw Dodi(Breslover) Chassidic Ashkenazic
Lo Yisa GoySATB
La Vida Do Por El RakiSephardic song
Ocho CandelikasSephardic Hanukkah Song
Our Father, Our King(Avinu Malkeinu) SATB
Peace for the Sabbath(Shalom Aleichem) SATB
Raisins and AlmondsA Yiddish cradle song
Sha ShtilYiddish Folk Song
Shalom ChaveirimWelcome song
Sha, ShtilYiddish folk song
Sing Out With Joy(Simcho L'artsecho)
The Hope (Hatikvah)English Adaptation by Marcia Hain Engle
Where Are The Angels of Peace? (Mi Ha-ish)SATB
You May Laugh (Sachki)SATB
Yum Bum Bidi Bum(SATB choral warm-up).

Arranging, Orchestrating and/or Conducting by Dr. Michael N. Isaacson
Cantor's Assembly ConcertsConducting by Michael Isaacson, videos distributed by CA Orchestrations
The ChosenMusical Direction for Hal David's & Charles Fox's musical
Michael Isaacson Folk Song SeriesYiddish, Hebrew Folk Songs w/English adaptations (TMP)

Discography - Composed, Conducted, Orchestrated and/or Produced by Michael Isaacson
A Covenant of WondersA one-hour musical drama of the giving of the Ten Commandments
American Jewish SummerA compilation of songs from the Camping Movement - JMG
From Sinai to SinaiMusic of Meir Finkelstein orchestrated and conducted by M.I. with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, distributed by Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA.
Guardians of the Heartdistributed by University Synagogue, L.A.
HalcyonMichael Isaacson & The Hollywood Pops - Distributed by SONY Recordings
HeritageComposed, arranged and conducted music of The Museum of Jewish Heritage, N.Y.C.
Hope For The FutureCD of two cantatas distributed by University Synagogue, L. A.
In Good Company: The Music of Robert Strassburg and Michael IsaacsonL.A. Zimriyah.
Jewish Holiday Songs Theodore Bikel, accompanying himself on guitar. Isaacson, Producer.
Joyful Light, A Conducted & produced music for Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Los Tres Reyes
King Sings IsaacsonTwenty Isaacson compositions performed by Thom King
Kol SimchaCD compilation of Isaacson's wedding services and songs.
Legacy CD distributed by Stephen S. Wise Temple, Los Angeles
Libi B'MaaravTemple Emanu-El music in San Francisco sung by Roslyn Barak & chorus.
Loom & The Cloth, The1975 Anniversary album dist. by The Temple, Cleveland, Ohio
Made in AmericaJewish Music by Michael Isaacson performed by Faith Gurney Steinsnyder.
Michael Isaacson Songbook Volume I Twenty-seven selections sung by artists and choruses.
Michael Isaacson Songbook Volume II Thirty-six selections sung by artists and choruses.
Milken Archive of 20th C. American Jewish Music Produced Fourteen CDs.
Music From Terezin Vol.I -The Emporer of AtlantisArabesque Recordings, N.Y.
Music From Terezin Vol. II - Brundibar & Ullmann choral works Arabesque.
Opening Night - Michael Isaacson & The Israel PopsAvailable in songbook, CDs, and cassettes, distributed by Tara Music, Baltimore, MD.
Regeneration CD Distributed by Stephen S. Wise Temple, Los Angeles
Renewal Suite Fund Raising Promotional choral suite for University Synagogue
Roslyn Kind: The Promise of Time A healing CD with five songs by M.I. and Doug Thiele
To Recreate The World A Children's Shabbat Service for the Millennium
3 Sacred Services & A Suite for Shabbat Hegyon Libi, Nishmat Chayim, Shir Ari, Havdalah
Tree Still Stands,The, and Israel Suite #2by Walter Scharf; M.I. cond. the Israel Philharmonic.
Visions and Values Produced Gerald Fried's score with the IPO for The L.A. Skirball Center
Water Music Produced flute performances by Laura Sperling featuring Isaacson's Babi Yar
Windows Music of Rabbi Moshe Rothblum arr. & cond. by M.I. w/The Mexico City Philharmonic, distributed by Temple Adat Ariel, North Hollywood, CA.
Yizkor for the Children of the Holocaust Ilana Wolpert, Soprano, Kettering Children's Choir
Synagogue Choral Music of Aminadav Aloni Re-mastered and produced memorial CD.

Drive-time Judaism Series - Produced by Michael Isaacson
Ten Lessons in Composing Jewish MusicDr. Michael Isaacson's innovative educational course.
Sparks of Light Rabbi Steve Robbins' introduction to Kabbalah.
Time of Your LifeRabbi Ed Feinstein's, course in enriching one's sense of time through Jewish life.
Out of The Rabbi's HatRabbi Ed Feinstein tells entertaining Jewish children's stories.