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A New Murder Mystery

by Award winning author,

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"I just finished reading People of a Prayer and I am still shaking. On so many fronts, the book deals with compelling ideas - most prominently the Holocaust, from a very personal point of view. It also deals with illness, aging, loss, interpersonal relationships, holding on, and letting go;The book is fascinating. I read until late last night and finished it just now. I have known men like Mel, and have seen first-hand the "I WIN" philosophy in action. This book is the REAL DEAL, and its insights are right on the mark." - Marcia Hain Engel, author

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Dr. Michael Isaacson's work is of the highest quality. This book seems to extend that quality not just to music, but to writing about music. It is a genuine contribution to the field.
- Dr. Lawrence Hoffman, Professor of Liturgy, Hebrew Union College

If anyone knows Jewish Music today it is Dr. Isaacson and this book is a testament to his prodigious knowledge and skill. This is a wonderful book.
- Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, author

Michael Isaacson combines a life time of compositional know-how with an informed understanding of Jewish literary midrash to tackle the questions of authenticity and innovation in Jewish music. He offers us valuable tools with which to listen, understand, and remember much of the music that defines our Jewish lives. Dr. Isaacson's experiences creating effective dramatic music for live theatre, television and film come into play to clarify issues in worship music. Jewish Music As Midrash: What Makes Music Jewish? is a profoundly original book that has few models preceding it but is certain to set a course for sacred artistic studies well into the future.
Samuel Adler, Professor of Composition, Juilliard School of Music

Michael Isaacson's analytic observations of synagogue music past and present and his vast accomplishments in composing sacred, secular, and media music combine to offer the reader and listener a privileged view of where Jewish music has been, where it is today, and where it has the potential of developing in the future. This is a book that is sure to benefit Jewish and non-Jewish professionals, lay-persons, and all who are fascinated with the stimulating question "What, in fact, is Jewish music?" The two CDs of Isaacson's midrashic musical examples, which are included, are more than worth the price of the book alone.
- Rabbi Stephen S. Pearce, Senior Rabbi Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco

Although the subject of synagogue music has been explored in numerous books, the composer’s voice is conspicuously scarce. When this insider’s perspective does appear in a bound volume, it almost always comes in the form of an anthology, such as the collected writings of Abraham W. Binder (1971), Herbert Fromm (1978) and William Sharlin (2008). Especially rare—and especially valuable—is the composer’s book that follows a logical sequence of chapters, tackles a central theme and develops a sustained argument. Perhaps the only publication of this kind is Michael Isaacson’s Jewish Music as Midrash: What Makes Music Jewish? Isaacson, whose credits include hundreds of compositions and fifty recorded albums, is among the most renowned contemporary creators of Jewish sacred song. His thoughtful and inventive treatment of texts, which he calls “musical midrash,” is outlined in fifteen lucid chapters combining music theory, personal anecdotes, professional observations and various sources of wisdom. CLICK HERE to read the full review.
- Cantor Jonathan L. Friedmann, Ph.D. at theDailyRabbi.com

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